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TAKE IT FROM ME. Former student leader Marjhun Ricarte keynotes the Student Leadership Congress as Prof. Aleli Villocino, USSC adviser, and Ms. Cristy Tauy, VSU's student organizations in-charge, look on. Photo by VSU Media Team.

The Congress is made up of "life-changing" activities that will sharpen and hone students' skills as leaders.

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NO DEADLINE? CHED Regional Office VIII relaxed its June 28 deadline after being pointed out that the national memo didn't stipulate a deadline.

According to Prof. Loreto, CHEDRO VIII has not specified a new deadline but the University Students Services Office (USSO) will be accepting papers until July 14, 2017 to give time to process these documents.

They are now part of the official roster of graduating students for June 14, 2017.

RISING & ON TOP. Therese C. Ratilla tops over 137 Latin honors this year.

Ratilla offered three things for students who want to follow her: study, social life, and chill.

YOLANDA AID. CHED releases five-thousand peso financial assistance to students affected by the 2013 supertyphoon, but with conditions.

The deadline for the submission of documents was Wednesday, June 28, 2017, but the USSO continued to accept papers because students insisted.

GRADUALLY WAITING? Graduating students gathered outside the VSU Administration Building past midnight, waiting for a solution to their clearance problem.

The students, however, insisted they made it to the 12 midnight cutoff

PULSE. If the students will have it their way, the Presidents-elect of CME, CAFS, or COE will get the most votes for USSC President.

Among the frontrunners, only Deluza has signified a clear interest to run.

LAST SIGNATURE. Graduating students sing the VSU Hymn in front of Prof. Manolo B. Loreto, Dean of Students, before he signs the clearance.

The deans weighed in on what constitutes 'academic and other requirements' in the VSU Code.

8 LIFE LESSONS. Cherrie Atilano sharing her eight life lessons to more than 600 Viscans during the Leadership and Civic Engagement Forum, held at VSU Convention Center on November 21, 2016.

AGREA Founder and CEO is coming to VSU.

Unlu-cay called the meeting to brief next year’s student leaders for the USSC General Assembly at the VSU Gymnatorium on May 9, Tuesday.