Being harassed in the streets is something that a person might experience at least once in their lifetime. Sadly, it happens to most women at any given time even in places where one is supposed to feel safe from predatory behavior. For some, a shrill whistle or phrases like: “Hi Miss", “Psst gwapa!”, and "Musta na *insert name,” may come off as a compliment— but these exact words can definitely ruin one's life.

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As VSU bids to become one of the top universities in the country, it must consider how the struggle to go around the campus by "walking", even if it has been regarded as a university norm for decades, needs to be solved now. Besides, the last thing that Viscans should worry about, are these stairways that ironically get in the way of them becoming globally competitive human resources.

The life of the victims that are wasted will forever be imprinted on the paddles that took them. Jail will never be enough to let them pay for the price of their crime. Dead men tell no tales, but their death reflects how fraternities need to recalibrate a sense of responsibility with the true purpose of their existence, in a way that blood and flesh will not be the measure of true loyalty and brotherhood.

The Philippines obviously cannot afford the MIF with its current economic state, the Filipino people will suffer from its consequences if we push it prematurely. Budgets will be compromised without a lucid profitable exchange for the people.

It is high time for the university to strongly advocate for better treatment of queer people's rights, and there are feasible ways to recalibrate these changes. Primarily, educating security and service personnel about the key notions under the umbrella of sexuality and gender identity/expression along with sensitivity training, can steadily change any dull and patronizing behavior in the future.

As we celebrate Valentine’s Day, we primarily circulate our vocabularies around “love”, “forever” and all the terms that one would find cheesy on a regular basis. While we cringe when we see a display of one’s love in public, we also ironically ingrain this belief that every person must, at some point in their life, find “the one”.

Crippled by economic challenges, rising poverty rates, low wages, and increasing prices of basic commodities, it is with this fact that a lot of Filipino families are unable to bring at least a platter of meals to the table.

One may regard how our generation shifted its dynamic towards opening up about mental health issues. Whether it be admitting signs of depression, anxiety, or any mental disorder; our increased awareness of receiving help and mental vulnerability led us to not be scared nor ashamed of what we are feeling. Though, as much as we have slowly destigmatized and accepted mental health struggles as 'real' health problems, this does not automatically correlate to the clamor for actual opportunities to better one's mental state.

Remarkable will definitely be a first impression of this technology. “Why would I bother creating an essay when I can prompt an AI to make it for me in less than 5 minutes?”, is a thought that will be normalized in the minds of students who are not as inclined in writing.

This, as a result, leaves us with a threat to our community, in our case, as a state university heavily invested in research— the academia.

It is only right to demand that our government officials show transparency and accountability, especially right now that we're in a crisis. A larger sum of confidential funds is insensitive to the current situation of the country. Isn't it much better to allocate the budget to somewhere it can be utilized transparently? The Philippines is in a crisis right now, and transparency is crucial; the Filipino people should be informed on how the government governs. In this way, the government can build trust with the public.