Distance is a significant challenge for many students in VSU, given its land area. Lucky for those whose classes are in one building, but this is VSU we're talking about, classroom availability is scarce. Students travel kilometers from one class to another with hectic schedules, not to mention some walk with heels on their school shoes. If the Tuyok system works, it could have been a  convenient solution for students by providing a dependable mode of transportation to bridge the gap between distant locations, ensuring timely arrival at classes and activities.

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Every March 5th, the United Nations (UN) launches a global effort to “maintain international peace and security” with the commemoration of the International Day for Disarmament  and Non-proliferation Awareness Day. However, what good is a holiday intended for a cause, when bullets and bombs continue to shower the world in a blatant attempt to attain power and encourage an ideology of violence. 

We're truly fortunate to be experiencing this golden age of technology. Gone are the days when students slaved away over final term papers – now a swift ChatGPT session can save the day. But the magic doesn't stop at essays; they can now also make 'art'. But here's the thing: for as long as we remember, art has been a human-only activity. We learned to make art before we started writing. Our essence is woven into every piece of art we deem authentic. R.S. Mellette says: "Art is what makes us human." But if what makes us human is replicable by machines, where do humans come into this? As it stands now, humanity is slowly becoming obsolete, easily replicated by machine.

After a series of postponements, the Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan Elections finally commenced their new flag bearers last October 30. These two were not as manic compared to other national elections. Candidates were few, campaigns were not crusades, and credibility marks more than the promises that come out of one's mouth. There is no guarantee as to whether we could ever find the right leaders to lead our communities to greatness especially since this election might just be another ploy to keep the ball rolling–but one thing is for sure: this is now the time for redemption. 

Layunin ng ‘Bagong Pilipinas’ na magkaroon ng maayos na pamamalakad sa gobyerno, pero sa anong katibayan at kasiguraduhan na ang pangakong ito ay hindi sa kanyang pansariling interest at para sa talaga sa benepisyo ng bawat Pilipino? Bilang isang anak ng bayan, mahirap itong asahan ano pa at ang kanyang pamumuno ay may bahid ng mapangahas na nakaraan at magulong kasalukuyan.

After the People Power Revolution ousted his dictator father and namesake four decades ago, Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr finds himself in a strife with a surprising force—his predecessor, former president Rodrigo Duterte.

“I dream of my brother coming back to life.” “We did nothing, we were sleeping.”

These words, among many, truly broke my heart. There are a lot of times that I get ashamed of what I have; a home, food, clean water, and loved ones who I can always keep in touch with. When I know that there are people in real-time that have just been deprived of these; and it all seems very unfair. And more so these days, every time I go through my social media, I see all these displaced people. I am naive for having thought that we have grown past all of this violence, ethnic cleansing, and colonization in the early 20th century.

Visayas State University (VSU) is well known for its lush green scenery, offering shade and a calming atmosphere for the students and faculty. However, these past months, the university’s pride in lush greenery has slowly been cut down, in the most literal sense. Native trees ranging from the Eco Park up to the Department of Arts, Letters, and Languages (DALL), Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences (DPSS), and Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management (DTHM) have now been pruned, and Viscans are left questioning the rationale of this action. 

Characterized by vast tracts of rice fields, sandwiched by cordilleras protecting them from typhoons, the Philippines has always been an agricultural haven. With around 45.2% of the nation’s land being dedicated to the production of various agricultural produce, as estimated by the World Bank, and over 40% of Filipino workers employed and reliant on the Agricultural sector according to the Department of Agriculture, it’s

Visayas State University (VSU) is set to host the prestigious Regional State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association (SCUAA-8) once again, after six (6) years since its 2017. In this regard, all eyes are on the preparations of the university for the event and high expectations are starting to line up for VSU. However, it can be noted that during the recently concluded Salingkusog 2023, catastrophic events flooded the whole competition, leaving Viscans and stakeholders trapped in a web of confusion, disappointment, and queries. As the university bears one of the biggest sporting events of this year, we ask this question: "Is VSU ready to host SCUAA 2023?"