It is only right to demand that our government officials show transparency and accountability, especially right now that we're in a crisis. A larger sum of confidential funds is insensitive to the current situation of the country. Isn't it much better to allocate the budget to somewhere it can be utilized transparently? The Philippines is in a crisis right now, and transparency is crucial; the Filipino people should be informed on how the government governs. In this way, the government can build trust with the public.

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“When there is unity between the leader and the people, the resilience of the Filipino emerges,” said Senator Richard J. Gordon last June 15. While this is true in the purest sense of the words and the intention of the message, the “resilience” of the Filipino became the language of incompetent leaders.

“The life of being a queer is getting harder these days. Being one myself, staying at home is not an assurance for me to feel safe and comfortable — and some events that happened during this pandemic did not help at all.”