Philippines vs Chinese Taipei via AFC

The FIFA Women's World Cup is one of the most anticipated international events in the world of Football, displaying the extraordinary talent and passion of female players from all around the world. Set to take place in 2023, the upcoming tournament promises to attract fans worldwide as nations compete for the prestigious title. 

However, despite the enthusiasm and anticipation, a concerning issue has emerged - the lack of broadcast rights for the event in certain regions, including the Philippines. This predicament raises serious issues regarding the recognition and support given to women's football, prompting us to reflect on the persistent disparities in the sports world.

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On average, a person spends around a minute and 30 seconds using the restroom. Meanwhile, in VSU, it would take an eternity to find a functional restroom to do your business in.

After all, they're called comfort rooms or rest rooms for a reason. If they're not those, what are they?

Graphics by Ciann Renel Cazar

Starting April 2, our week-long observance of the last period of Lent has commenced, colloquially termed the Holy Week. As Christians, the next few days will hold significance to our spiritual solemnity and gratitude to Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for our sins. Many interpret this time of the year as a way to revitalize one’s values and lean into the holiness of the word of God, but for a Viscan, the next few days will be a week-long rest from the grueling early months of 2023. 

As VSU bids to become one of the top universities in the country, it must consider how the struggle to go around the campus by "walking", even if it has been regarded as a university norm for decades, needs to be solved now. Besides, the last thing that Viscans should worry about, are these stairways that ironically get in the way of them becoming globally competitive human resources.

It’s been 99 years of championing Relevance, Integrity, Truth, and Excellence for Visayas State University (VSU), and what a joyous occasion it has been for the last two weeks. This was the first anniversary to be celebrated physically in three years due to the halt posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. All eyes were set upon the university as to how they would bring back the thrill and excitement for this year’s festivities, especially for those who are yet to experience it. 

What is wrong with the Menstrual Leave Act is not the fact that it is a paid leave, as deliberately pointed out by a politician. What is wrong with it are the men acting like this is an inconvenience to them.

This law should be rightfully granted with no reservations to us, and it would be a relief to have a government that is sensitive enough to acknowledge and recognize the reality of our bodies at work and how to support it for a better work productivity and quality.

It is high time for the university to strongly advocate for better treatment of queer people's rights, and there are feasible ways to recalibrate these changes. Primarily, educating security and service personnel about the key notions under the umbrella of sexuality and gender identity/expression along with sensitivity training, can steadily change any dull and patronizing behavior in the future.

Photo Courtesy from The Rukuku Blog

The word ‘burnout’ is a term that is familiar to members of the academic community. After all, we, college students, eat deadlines for breakfast instead of real meals. We have acknowledged that burnout will come to us whether we like it or not — college is simply different from our younger years in the educational system.

Being harassed in the streets is something that a person might experience at least once in their lifetime. Sadly, it happens to most women at any given time even in places where one is supposed to feel safe from predatory behavior. For some, a shrill whistle or phrases like: “Hi Miss", “Psst gwapa!”, and "Musta na *insert name,” may come off as a compliment— but these exact words can definitely ruin one's life.

One may regard how our generation shifted its dynamic towards opening up about mental health issues. Whether it be admitting signs of depression, anxiety, or any mental disorder; our increased awareness of receiving help and mental vulnerability led us to not be scared nor ashamed of what we are feeling. Though, as much as we have slowly destigmatized and accepted mental health struggles as 'real' health problems, this does not automatically correlate to the clamor for actual opportunities to better one's mental state.