While some teachers find their way out, the newly hired ones are yet to face the reality in the teaching field, like how mismatch happens. Even if you study for 4-years as an English major, if the school needs a math teacher, and you need a job to live, you just suck up with the system.

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People literally die fighting for a dying planet.  Yet, this information is not well known. We cushion this reality by advocating for the environment on smaller scales without ever acknowledging the problem with the system itself. This fact should be enough to wake the sleeping that environmental issues are inherently political. True environmental advocacy requires acknowledging activism as a way of demanding for solutions to real-life environmental dilemmas that affect us on a daily basis. 

The world’s global temperatures are rapidly rising at an alarming rate caused by human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels, the industrial revolution, and other greenhouse gas emissions that trigger a cascade of temperature change leading us to the point of no return. The Arctic sea ice declined by about 10% in the past 30 years. Today, 95% of the oldest and thickest ice in the Arctic is almost gone, and scientists believe that most of the central and eastern Himalayan glaciers could virtually disappear by 2035.

Another year, another national budget is set to be approved, one of which is the budget for the Confidential and Intelligence Fund (CIF). What would have been your guess if the proposed budget for CIF this year had not yet been announced? One, it's lower than last year; or two, it's higher this time. Well, if you chose the latter option, you hit the nail on the head.

Each and every student has a right to choose how they wish to serve their country, and violating this right would not only compromise the social contract between the country and the person but also compromise their ability to serve in the first place. Who would, after all, want to help a nation that doesn’t even let them choose between a broom and a gun?

Last August 24, entrepreneur-engineer Slater Young released a video about the launching of the infrastructure model, “The Rise at Monterrazas,” a major-scale development project that features premium condo-like units on the slopes of the mountain of Cebu. According to Young, it took about 300 design revisions before they came up with the Banaue Rice Terraces-inspired design, as this type of project with complexity and detail requires thorough research and vast knowledge in science, architecture, and engineering. However, conflicting perspectives online started to buzz and counter its 'amusing' promises.

In an era where almost everything, if not everything, is driven by  advancements and people fully adopting modern ways of life, indigeneity seems to be the only thing that is viewed with a backward lens, or worse, it may not be viewed at all. Indigenous people groups (IPs) are nearing obliteration as they continue to experience disparity and deprivation, preventing them from preserving their cultural identities in this fast-paced and capitalist-driven society.


Nakakapanghina, pero wala na tayong magagawa, dahil sa panahon ngayon, nagiging realidad na ito dahil nasa Golden... Golden Prices na nga tayo. Kaya sa tuwing bibili ako ng bigas, hindi mawawaglit sa aking isipan ang isang beses na may nagsabi na ibababa niya ang presyo ng kada kilo ng bigas, at naitatanong ko na lang sa sarili ko, nasaan na ang pangakong bente pesos kada kilo?


The first time I ever witnessed police brutality was around 14 years ago. My family had a habit of watching TV Patrol before eating dinner, and as a kid, I would mindlessly do my homework while the show was on. I didn’t pay much attention to everything, but one specific night, the newscaster disclaimed some very disturbing content. I raised my palms to my face to cover my eyes from the scene, as advised by my parents, but to our surprise, the audio from the news report was far more distressing; it narrated about a man lying naked on the floor with his genitals tied to a rope. The rope was being pulled by a police officer like you would with a string toy. The man screeched and cried in pain as the officer audibly made noises. This was later sensationalized as a “torture” video, shocking millions of Filipinos, and traumatizing me as a little kid. 

This day marks the seventh year since the passing of The Hague ruling by the Permanent Court of Arbitration, which rejected China’s nine-dash territorial claim on the West Philippine Sea and ruled in favor of sovereignty rights for the Philippines. But the victory wasn't as prized as it was made to be, as China grows aggressive in the West Philippine Sea while the Philippines focuses on appeasing the opponent.