What do you want for Christmas?

We all have different ways of spending the holidays and we try to spend it as merry as possible. We hang Christmas lights, cook sweet delights, and fill the air with jingle bells or Mariah Carey’s voice singing her heart out saying she wants you for Christmas.

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One of the things that makes life dreadful is realizing that the things you love to do can burn you out, too.

Photo Courtesy of Gian Carlo Cordero

There have been reports recently of strange sightings of relatively small yet elusive snakes lurking in certain areas of the campus. Some have reported seeing it slithering through the grass and trees of the VSU Eco Park, while others claim that it has been spotted scaling the premises of the Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences (DLABS). Words about the sightings were quick to spread, and so did panic. But what do we know about these reptiles? And does it pose a danger to the Viscan community?

Before entering college, one of the goals that we usually set for ourselves is to maintain a regular student status until graduation, to not have a hard time figuring out which subject to take during enrollment since we could easily follow a block schedule, earn a Latin honor if we worked and studied hard enough, or spend our college life facing new challenges and making fond memories. Then something shifts, and you find yourself different from who you were when you first started college.

Nais sana naming magbahagi ng isa sa mga nagawang isulat dahil sa mga module na pinaghirapang buoin ng ating mga guro.

Stories of recovery 2 years after Yolanda.

[This is a story of someone whose greatest loves are coffee and bread and who attempted (in many ways) to understand love in college a little better.]

I felt that time that the rain is the only one that understood what I really felt and I’m pretty sure that the raindrops were going to conceal my all my tears. Maybe that’s the reason why I felt courageous in showing my true emotions; because I knew nobody could see me or thought I just felt I had to do it.